bsdist TYPO3 distribution - Bootstrap Kickstart Package

For website development

The assets installed with the bsdist distribution are in /fileadmin/bsdist/.

the theme directory

The theme directory holds all website-specific files - templates, resources, scripts and typoscript code. The path to the theme directory is set in the constant plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir.

page setup, templates and backend layouts

The files constants.ts, setup.ts and tsconfig.ts are the starting point to modify the default TYPO3 website setup defined by bootstrap_core and bsdist. The extension bootstrap_core has already set some config properties and defined a basic page object. The bsdist package redefines (for readability) and changes some of these objects and properties.

In the file theme/typoscript/setup.ts the main page object is redefined. The template file part is extended to provide a third template with a sidebar column and an empty template.

page = PAGE
page {
    typeNum = 0
    10 {
        layoutRootPath = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/Layouts/
        partialRootPath = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/Partials/

        file.cObject = CASE
        file.cObject {
   = levelfield:-1, backend_layout_next_level, slide
            key.override.field = backend_layout
            default = TEXT
            default.value = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/tmpl_default.html
            pagets__home = TEXT
            pagets__home.value       = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/tmpl_home.html
            pagets__empty = TEXT
            pagets__empty.value       = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/tmpl_empty.html

        variables {
            content < styles.content.get
            content_sidebar < styles.content.get
   = colPos=1


The templates tmpl_default.html and tmpl_home.html as well as the layout template default.html are the main starting point to change the html markup of the website.

Backend layouts

The number 2 and 3 which are used in the page setup above for the home and the empty template are the UIDs of the corresponding backend layout objects. (Default page: UID 1, Home: UID 2, Empty: UID 3)

Adding another page template

To add another page template

  • create a new html template (e.g. with 3 content columns, tmpl_3cols.html)
  • create a new backend layout record for the template
  • add typoscript code to setup.ts to link the UID of the new backend layout record (e.g. UID 4) to the new html template

file.cObject {
    # ...

    4 = TEXT
    4.value       = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/tmpl/backend_layout/tmpl_3cols.html
  • if you created a template with a 3rd content slot, assign the content from the new slot (e.g. colPos=2) to a new variable. Use this variable in your html template.

variables {
    # ...

    content_leftcol < styles.content.get = colPos=2